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Social Media Platform – PCMG utilizes the latest social media networking and Web  2.0 tools to tell your story to the rapidly expanding online investor demographic.  By leveraging services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, etc. we  create a self-propagating audience for both the company and its stock. Our  services include full social media-optimized press release support, and strategic  consultation. This component will allow your company to achieve superior  visibility in a crowded market.

Research Report – PCMG will prepare a research summary on your company,  geared toward the perpective of potential investors, and in the form of an easily  disseminated fact sheet.  It will concisely convey to potential investors your  company’s history, business plan, and roadmap of the future.  Included in the  report is a toll free number that is linked to our offices.  Our goal is to build  relationships with these investors through direct dialogue.

Email Database – Your company will have the invaluable benefit of access (during  the agreed upon service period) to our unique email database of double opt-in  potential investor subscribers which we’ve gathered organically over the past 10  years.   Access includes dissemination of any research report, press release, or  other data that you distribute during the time period. Additionally, we can also  forward your information to our extensive list of brokers, funds, and research  outfits throughout North America. By request, and according to your specific  needs, we have the ability to provide email campaigns which reach anywhere  from several thousand, to millions of active investors.

Mainstream and Industry Specific Media Exposure (PR Agency) – We work with an  extensive network of industry specific PR consultants that specialize in helping us  profile our clients in the mainstream media. The process includes the following  elements:

- Appraisal of client’s positioning within their industry
- Identification of target media outlets for pitching
- Compilation of company information in fitting manner
- Distribution of media to these contacts via fax, email, and mail
- PR follow up by phone with each contact.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Our search engine optimization services are  based on years of research and experience, and we continue to improve our  techniques and tools to stay ahead of every change in the search engines. Our  team of SEO experts will put you in the position to generate substantial levels of  organic traffic to your home on the web . Our SEO strategies are based on the  fundamentals of:

- Keyword Research
- Competitive Analysis
- Link Building
- Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization
- Local Search Optimization

Direct Mailers – We offer you the option of direct mailers, which are generally  done in the form of either postcards or in full-sized color brochures. We are very  flexible in the scope and duration of the mailing programs, however we do  recommend a minimum of a postcard-mailing to your NOBO/Investor list for the  purpose of putting together a detailed and up-to-date shareholder record with  current contact information (emails, phone numbers, names, and addresses). If  you do wish to expand the mailer to additional recipients, we provide you access  to a database of over 500,000 contacts, including both institutional and high net  worth investors.

Stock Traders Talk -STT specializes in exclusive, LIVE radio interviews, where we strongly believe a  CEO and/or other company affiliate has the ultimate delivery platform to  demonstrate their passion and determination in making their company successful,  not to mention distributing key information related to company achievements,  current developments, and future plans.  General press release routes do offer  value; however, they lack a personal connection with current and potential  investors, and being in the investor realm for many years has proven to us that  personal connections between a company and investor base is critical to a  company’s success in the public markets.

We have worked for many years to cultivate relationships with a number of financial institutions, private funds, and other high net worth investors. It is our mission to use our deep knowledge and experience in the industry to provide your company with the highest level of effective service. Our corporate development and investor relations strategies for public companies in the early-to-middle stages of their evolution are second to none.

Our tireless approach to CD/IR  has yielded results again and again. Contact us now to find out how we can assist your company today.